Paint Ball: The Forgotten Gene

It was back in 2010 when Breeder’s Circle first got into the Paint project. We purchased 3 pairs of paints from Charles Glaspie and Ted Williams which at the time was big investment. Back then, it was uncertain whether the Paint gene was Co-dominant or recessive. However, as more breedings were done, it’s pretty clear to me that the Paint gene is in fact a co-dominant gene with an incredible Super form. We ended up selling one of the pairs and raised the other two in the attempt to produce the Super form.

Paint Male
Paint Male

Then, in 2011 I purchased two more Paint females and a Paint Yellowbelly Male in order to continue working on the project and increase my chances to make Super Paints and Paint Yellowbelly combos. After raising those animals for a couple years, we were finally able to produce our first Super Paint male back in 2012. That first Super Paint male is still here in our facility and has been used to produce many Paint and Paint combos.

Super Paint Poss Yellowbelly Female
Super Paint Poss Yellowbelly Female
Paint Pastel Yellowbelly Male
Paint Pastel Yellowbelly Male

Over the years, the original paint founder has produced some of the most incredible Paint combos, including one that has been on my bucket list of snakes I want to produce, the Graffiti Ball (Super Paint Calico). When I first saw that snake back in 2012 I knew I had gotten into an AMAZING project with untapped potential.

Graffiti Ball by Charles Glaspie
Graffiti Ball by Charles Glaspie

Unfortunately, over the years the project has been forgotten and very few Paint and Super Paint Combos have been made. Sadly, even Charles and Ted haven’t continued to work with the Paint gene, making Breeder’s Circle one of the few well-known breeders that still works with the gene. Due to some bad luck in the odds, this past year was the first year that we have been able to procude Super Paints for the public and they are just incredible. We were also able to produce a very nice Paint Pastel Yellowbelly that we will most likely hold back in order to further explore this amazing gene.

As you can see, the potential of this gene is incredible and it saddens us that there aren’t more breeders and hobbyist working to incorporate Super Paint into other genes. Can you imagine Super Paints incorporated into GHI, Leopard, Spotnose, and YB-Complex combos?? We here at Breeder’s Circle feel truly lucky to be working with this gene and we cannot wait to see where it takes us.
If you are serious into getting into this project or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
-Ricardo Martins.

5 thoughts on “Paint Ball: The Forgotten Gene

  1. MeriKae Leach says:

    I have a paint male i have been trying to find a female that i can afford to begin my project i love my paint and want to start many projects with them.

  2. Brianna says:

    I have a paint male also. I knew he was special when i got him… but the funny thing is, the pet store i got him from sold him to me for 40 bucks as a regular ball python ???? #win

  3. Jayme says:

    I bought a male/female paint combo pair from Charles last summer and they’re both REALLY growing into their colors and patterns. I saw about a month ago that Charles JUST sent a message to WOB to have the paint gene reclassified as recessive and it’s one of my current combos that I’m most excited about breeding for. My female won’t be big enough to pair until AT LEAST next season (possibly the following), but my male is probably already ready to pair. I’m VERY excited about their potential. 🙂

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