Please know that DOA (Dead On Arrival) animals are extraordinarily rare, even during the extreme temperature swings of Summer and Winter. Our animals arrive DOA less than 1% of the time which is an incredible statistic and attributable not only to the health and strength of our animals, but also to our exceptional box packing abilities.DOA animals are extremely rare, but if it does occur you need to be familiar with our policy (this is why, at checkout, you acknowledge having read this entire page). Ignorance is not an excuse, and will not render these rules void. If you do receive a DOA reptile, you must take one photograph of the animal, and one photograph of the shipping label. E-mail both pictures to the address in the site header within eight hours of arrival. 

Upon approval of your claim, you have a couple options. 

The first option is having us ship you a replacement animal, although shipping costs ($50) will be the responsibility of the customer. If the replacement animal is DOA, you likely have the worst luck imaginable and we will then refund your purchase price (excluding the shipping costs) via Paypal or credit card, depending on your method of payment. This has never happened. Keep in mind, we are extremely reasonable, so we will work with you. Every situation is different. 

The second option in the case of a DOA animal is an immediate refund, less the shipping cost ($50). 

We have not become a highly reputable reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate sales company by treating our customers like faceless numbers in a spreadsheet. We deeply value your satisfaction. Our customer service response times are simply unmatched in the reptile industry.

If you, or an authorized representative are not present for a delivery attempt (usually in the morning), the live arrival guarantee is null and void. If it was agreed upon that the animal(s) would be held at the carrier’s facility, the package(s) must be picked-up within eight hours of arrival at the said facility.

If you enter a delivery address during checkout that is not valid, the live arrival guarantee is voided.

If you do not contact us within eight hours of delivery or pick-up with DOA and shipping label photographs, the live arrival guarantee is voided.

When you order through our website, you specifically click on “Yes” to accept our live arrival guarantee. It is legally binding. We utilize a collection agency for any and all customers who attempt unethical chargebacks or disputes in violation of these agreed upon terms.



Most Domestic Shipments are shipped using  FedEx Priority overnight service delivered to your door. We do not ship until we speak with the customer to arrange a day because shipments sent FedEx must be signed for, it will not be left at the door. We will ship within 24 hrs of speaking with the customer.

We can also ship air freight to your nearest airport from Miami International Airport (MIA). We will quote shipping charges when you order because of varying costs. 

For International orders there is a Minimum order of $5000. There are also a number of other fees including  $200 for CITIES permit as well as Fish & Wildlife inspection fees. Depending on your Country there may be additional fees for health certificates, and USDA permits. 

We do NOT have master Cities so there will be a delay in shipping while we are waiting for paperwork to be issued.