The Sahara Ball Python Explained


The “Sahara” Ball Python

There has been a lot of talk about the Sahara gene in Europe but is hardly recognized in the USA as of yet.

I will be shedding a bit of light from what I know of the gene.

We picked up this project directly from Noah in Ghana, Africa.

After hearing and seeing what the adults and babies looked like, we did a bit of research but could not find much.

Here are a few things that we did find through the grapevine and the couple people in this project:

A couple years ago it was thought that the Sahara Super Form was a colorful Ivory looking snake. This was after breeding a couple visual Saharas together.
So… some people were not impressed when they knew it was just “another” Ivory complex snake.
Others were extremely excited that a Desert Ghost “like” snake was created…
But a few people, were a little lost that this snake actually makes an Ivory?
I know, I was a little confused myself.

After talking with Noah and a couple other breeders we are thinking it may just have been luck of the draw that the breeding parents may have had Yellowbelly on both sides.
Could be possible but we are still not 100% certain.
I am guessing Yellowbelly played a role.

The next part that had me wondering…
The Sahara has similarities to Desert Ghost (not to be confused with regular Deserts).

I had to dig deeper into this one if I was going to spend the money to get into this project.
So after seeing a few pictures, including the adult pictures of Sahara and Pastel Sahara. (both pictured below – Pictures taken by Crystal Palace Reptiles at Noah’s African Facility)

 PastelSaharaAdultPastel Sahara Adult

SaharaAdultSahara Adult

I realize, I really liked the impact yellow color that the Pastel Saharas kept.
They are similar to Desert Ghost but it has a different feel as they grow. (Still, with the understanding that even within each gene, there are wide variances in quality and distinctions)

With the similarities of Desert Ghost on my mind I still decided to get into this project despite many critics.

The same EXACT thing happened when I got into the Bamboo project in its prime.

With the Bamboo project, I paid more money than I ever had before on a single snake.
It was definitely scary spending considerable amount with a snake that may not breed for me or even make it alive from Africa.

I would say about 90% of the people I knew, told me I was crazy and I should NOT invest in the Bamboo project because it was just a “Lesser”.
Boy… were they wrong. I still chuckle about it today.

Fast forward a bit and the Bamboo project has been my grand slam project.
We were the first to hatch them out in the USA and people went Bananas (Pun intended 😛 ) over them.

Sometimes listening to what most people think is not the way to go… and going against the grain can sometimes prove to have amazing results.

A couple breeders in Europe have Bred visual Saharas to combos and getting no visual Saharas.
Visual Saharas to Visual Saharas have given the results of more Saharas, letting us know “mot likely” that this is a recessive project.

Now, may this project prove to be compatible with Desert Ghost?
Can it prove to not be compatible with Desert Ghost?
Also possible.
Remember that Mojaves, Lessers, Bamboos and Phantoms can look slightly similar and can be in the same Alleleic pool BUT they are definitely not the same.

Below are the different variations of the Pastel Saharas that we have.

PastelSahara1Pastel Sahara

PastelSahara2Pastel Sahara

PastelSaharaPastel Sahara (we believe there is an extra gene as well)

SaharaSahara (base morph)

Hard to tell so far; since there have not been many combos made and the 2 lines have NOT been crossed.

There are only few people working on this project so far and we are looking forward to see what we can create from it.

7 thoughts on “The Sahara Ball Python Explained

  1. Natasha Headsman says:

    Awesome post!!!

    Please keep doing more of these. If you can do some regular genes too, that would be great.

  2. Brian says:

    I enjoyed reading this, detailed as much as possible on the snake morph. My favorite part however is how you say “Sometimes listening to what most people think is not the way to go… and going against the grain can sometimes prove to have amazing results.” Now I just wish you’d do the same plus a morph YouTube video on the AHI. As I now have the AHI lesserbee from you and was going to see our have some info on it? Thank you for sharing!

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